Bulekke Pot 

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Sally's Collection - Storage Pots

These unique storage pots or baskets are created from repurposed discarded fast fashion. The second hand clothing industry known as Salaula (hence the name Sally's Collection) keeps many people in the informal sector here in Zambia in business. However, from every bale there are always pieces that don't get sold. These are collected and resold for less but even these traders have pieces they can't move. These are the pieces we buy. They are painstakingly washed, cut into strips and wrapped around acrylic fluff to form coils that are wound into traditional African pot shapes. The results are stunning, colorful, textural and completely individual baskets ideal for storage, to hold plants or as decor statement pieces.

Note: Due to the nature of the material being used it is impossible to make any two products exactly the same.

  • Color shades can be requested as identified but even these will vary from one to another.
  • We can usually oÔ¨Äer a wide variety of color shades we are unable to provide large quantities in any one shade due to the random nature of the leftover materials.
  • Fabrics will vary in texture and pattern and bases will likely be either in black or white.
  • Dimensions and shapes are an approximation.
  • If multiple sizes are ordered in one design every eÔ¨Äort will be made to ensure that smaller sizes fit within larger sizes for eÔ¨Écient packaging.
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