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"It is not just the brand that makes the marketplace a success, the PBP team are truly passionate and share a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses face in growing. They have worked closely with us through every step of growth and challenges that affect our business."

– Gladys Machariar, Siafu Home, Kenya

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PBP Market is the only wholesale marketplace that exclusively features responsibly-produced products from small-batch makers. Selling on PBP Market gives you access to our network of buyers from the USA, Canada and beyond.

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We know cash flow is critical. This is why we offer optional cash advances on orders. Receive 50% of the order value up front and the remainder when we receive payment from the buyer. All payments are made digital and direct. Rest assured and keep growing your business.

"Powered by People cares about local production, women entrepreneurship and supports handcrafted-small batch economy. An international platform that emphasizes the fairtrade. A really good company."

-- Isinsu Kaya, Mumo, Turkey

We are global and maker led.

Powered by People was born out of experience. We have worked with makers, bought from makers, and been makers. Our on-the-ground team is located throughout the world to better serve our makers—in Kenya, India, Colombia, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, USA, Turkey, Italy, and the UK.

Let's build a global community together.
When you grow, we grow.


It’s free to set up a profile—we only take a fee when there is a sale. PBP charges a 15% commission on all orders, and 0% commission on orders from your existing buyers, as well as buyers you refer to PBP.

To start selling on PBP, please register here. The details you fill in on your application will help us understand your business and how to serve you best. Once submitted, please allow us 10 working days to review your application and respond.

Absolutely. We work seamlessly alongside your team. We take 0% commission on geographies or retailers where you already have representation.

With PBP, you only pay commission on new accounts that find you through our marketplace and you only pay when you sell. Our fee is 15% commission plus an optional 5% fee if you’d like to access a production advance. The final payout is made 60 days after shipping.

Here’s what happens when a buyer places a wholesale order for your products:

Step 1: You will receive an email notification and the order will appear on your order dashboard. You can confirm or reject the order, and choose whether to receive a cash advance to begin production.

Step 2: If you opt into financing, you receive advance payment to begin production and start getting the order ready to ship.

Step 3: Once the products are ready to ship, you must fulfill the order through your Maker Portal and add your shipping details. PBP invoices the buyer at this time—when the final shipping cost and tracking number is entered into the system.

Step 4: 60 days after this, you get paid excluding any advances payments you may have been accepted. This payment will include the shipping cost reimbursement.

Makers with bank accounts in the USA and Canada can choose to receive payments via ACH or wire transfer.

Makers with international bank accounts receive payments via bank-to-bank wire transfers. (PBP pays the initial wire transfer cost. However, transfer fees deducted by the receiving bank or intermediary banks are to be covered by the Maker and will not be reimbursed by PBP.)

If you’ve chosen to accept advance payments, you will receive 50% of the order value to begin production. The remaining 50%—minus a financing fee of 5%—will be paid to you at Net 60 days from shipment.

Our network of wholesale buyers includes 70% independent retailers and 30% large- scale retailers. We have a mix of specialty, discount and independent retailers along with hospitality/trade designers, museum stores, and more.

We have a multifaceted approach to connect you to our community of international buyers, including:

  • In-house sales representatives communicating with buyers on a daily basis.
  • An active network of over 15,000 existing US and European buyers and larger retailers.
  • Marketing, PR and ad campaigns across social media, daily email newsletters, and industry publications.
  • Strategic partnerships with other large platforms, tradeshows and relevant networks.

PBP is a global company with a distributed team across nine countries, including Kenya, India, Turkey, Italy, the UK, US, Canada, Mexico and Colombia. As a company, we are registered in Canada.

Please refer to our Maker Terms for additional details.