We are driven by values and are committed to working with makers who produce small-batch, responsibly made products.

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  • Access an international market of like-minded buyers
  • Increase your brand visibility via our social channels, newsletters, blog, and website.
  • Understand buyer expectations and demand.


  • Receive advance payments of up to 50% to start order production.
  • Get paid on time, every time.
  • Offer your existing buyers Net60 payment terms.


  • Create and maintain an online profile and a digital product library with ease.
  • Streamline wholesale processes for your business.
  • Use our management and production-planning tools to schedule and organize orders.

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How do I apply?

Please fill out this form to help us to understand your business. The team will reach out to you within 3-6 working days with next steps.

Can I list all of my products on PBP?

We add an element of curation to maker partners’ digital storefronts to ensure a compelling and inspiring collection. This means that we reserve the right to feature some of your products while excluding others.

What does it cost to partner with PBP?

It’s free to set up a profile—we only take a fee when there is an actual sale. PBP charges a 15% commission on all orders, and 0% commission on orders from your existing buyers, as well as buyers you refer to PBP.

Can I use PBP if I already have reps?

Absolutely! We work seamlessly alongside your team. We take 0% commission on geographies or retailers where you already have representation.

Can PBP be my one-stop shop for all my wholesale needs?

Yes. While we curate your collection for our platform, we also offer you the tools to promote your broader collection to buyers directly.

Who pays for international shipping?

PBP features landed prices for all products, with the cost of shipping baked in. This means that customers pay the price they see, and you get reimbursed for shipping costs incurred.

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