Need help sourcing? Looking to build a unique assortment mix? Have a special request or bulk order? PBP Concierge is a complimentary service to help conscious buyers like you to source differently.

Set your store apart.

The PBP marketplace is a source for distinct product made by diverse makers from over 50 countries. If you need extra help building a unique assortment, are looking to customize, or buy in bulk - PBP Concierge is a free service for you.

PBP works with retailers, trade designers, and corporate gift clients of all sizes who are looking to make an impact.

Ali Garafalo, Sales Director

Experience across the supply chain

Our experienced team are at your service if you need help to source, purchase, and track your order from purchase to the last mile. From our North American sales team to our global maker team. We’ve got you covered.

Ali Garafalo, Sales Director

From bulk buying to customizations

Small batch enables greater flexibility than mass production. Most makers offer customization and white labelling services. We can help you navigate your own branded collection. Many makers offer significant capacity and volume pricing for bulk purchases.

Send us an email, and we will respond within 48 hours.