Maker FAQs

To get your organization featured on PBP, please fill out our maker form to help us to understand your business. A PBP team member will then reach out with any additional questions or information. We use good faith efforts to review every application we receive. However PBP is only able to accept a limited number of makers at any given time.

Once you have successfully gone through our due diligence process, we will build your PBP collection page, and give you access to your PBP maker portal to upload your product images, descriptions and any additional company information. Some makers prefer to upload their own images and descriptions while others ask for support. For our team to help we need either (i) your catalog and product images; or (ii) if you have a Shopify website, please download a csv file with image url.

We welcome applications from businesses and organizations who meet the following criteria:

  • Your products are not shipped from or made in countries subject to sanctions or other economic measures affecting this sector
  • You own your brand and your products and are involved in the design or production process.
  • You satisfy our due diligence requirements: please click here to fill out the form.

You may sell any product that falls in the categories listed on the site, including:

  • Décor:
    Baskets, objects, wall accents + art, stationery and pillows
  • Living:
    Lighting, mirrors, furniture, throws + blankets, bed and bath and tables
  • Style:
    Accessories, bags, apparel, apothecary and jewelry
  • Rugs:
    Accent, area, runners, doormats and vintage

We hope to be able to host more of your product offerings over time. PBP strives to include new categories soon, so feel free to register and we will get in touch when we look to expand to more product types.

We try to make the process as easy as possible. Once you have successfully completed our due diligence requirements we:

  • Give you access to our maker portal to upload product images, descriptions and additional company information. Our team can help you with this process.
  • PBP merchandising team then helps curate your products collection, meaning we may feature some of your products while excluding others
  • Once we have at least 12 products from your company we will publish your page
  • Through your maker portal you can continue to edit and submit new product styles and variants at any time for further review and posting to your collection page

The onboarding process and the time it takes depends on the quality of your digital assets and editorial content. Our onboarding team can assist you as much as you need.

We have a multifaceted approach to connect you to international buyers including:

  • In-house sales representatives communicating with buyers on a daily basis
  • A network of over 15,000 existing US and European buyers and larger retailers
  • Marketing, PR and ad campaigns across social media and industry publications
  • Multi-level affiliate programs
  • Strategic partnerships with other large platforms, tradeshows and relevant networks

We believe that makers like you are in a unique position to meet the current needs of retail: unique product development and lower minimum order (MOQs) quantities.

Retailers are encouraged to customize and buy exclusive colors/patterns, sizes/shapes and packaging/labelling for their shop. When uploading your products, we ask that you list all possible variants and indicate if a product is available for customized production. If a buyer is interested in an exclusive alternative, we will contact you immediately to confirm the custom variant or packaging request. We ask that you reply within 48 hours or risk the order being cancelled.

With PBP you only pay commission on new accounts that find you through our marketplace and you only pay when you sell. Our fee is 20% -- a 15% commission plus a 5% fee giving you a 50% production advance and the remaining 50% 60 days after shipping. This 5% fee is optional but without it you will only get paid net 60 days after shipping when the buyer pays us.

PBP encourages buyers to cover the 5% production advance fee for the maker(s) they buy from by calling it a social responsibility fee explaining that this type of payment is in accordance with payment best practices for the creative manufacturing and handmade sector.

You set your own wholesale prices and can dictate wholesale price breaks by volume. We take a commission on the wholesale price that the retailer pays. If you need support setting pricing please email

    If you sell a product at a wholesale price of $50, PBP takes 20% or $10 of the $50. You then receive $40. If you choose not to receive an advance payout you will receive $42.50.

PBP is offering a favorable payout model specially designed for the artisan sector built into each order on our marketplace - this means guaranteed payouts and cash advances for you and net 60 terms to your buyers.

How it works:

  • When you sign up to the PBP marketplace, you are automatically pre-approved for all disbursement options based on your track record of performance.
  • We encourage you to invite your buyers and offer them the opportunity to shop your maker page with 60 day terms - with PBP you still get an advance and buyers get flexible payment terms. We charge 0% commission to existing buyers.
  • When you confirm an order you can choose one of the following payout options:
    1. A production advance - this will give you up to 50% of your order value within 5 business days (see below) and support up to 60 days of production; or
    2. No advance - in this case you get paid when we get paid. All buyers are enrolled into net 60 day payment terms.
  • PBP invoices your buyer upon confirmation of shipment.
  • If you choose the 60 days production advance of up to 50% you get paid your final payout when we get paid at 60 days after shipping.

The benefits include:

  • Increase your orders. Offer retailers net 60 payment terms with us. It has been proven that retailers place larger and more frequent orders with these terms.
  • Don’t use your profits to fund future orders. Cash flow management is crucial when you have big orders or in peak season and you may have many upfront production expenses.
  • Simplify your cash management. Outsource your production cash flow needs to us and free up your business to manage operations within your profits.
  • Reduce bank fees. Request payouts on the PBP marketplace transactions only as needed and pool orders into a single transfer. If you for example use Wise to get paid you can choose to bundle order payouts and only draw cash into your account periodically reducing bank fees.

If no advance is needed:
Buyer payment terms sitewide are set at net 60 from shipment. If you do not choose any type of payout advance prior to net 60 payment, the 5% guaranteed pay fee will be excluded from the final payout at 60 days from the time of shipment.

If my production is delayed:
If you choose an advance payout of 60 days you will be required to ship prior to the 60 day window. If you are delayed you will be charged an additional 0.5% of your order value per week.

We can pay makers in two ways: 1. with Wise or 2. by bank transfer.

We recommend a US-based routing number and account number. If you don’t have this, you can set up a Wise for business account and link to your international bank in 2-3 days.

If Wise is not available in your country we recommend bank-to-bank transfer. We would also advise that for international bank-to-bank transfers you set your maker minimums of $1,000 or more.

We aim to offer more payout options soon.

Absolutely! We work seamlessly alongside your team, we offer 0% commission on geographies or retailers where you already have representation.

You will receive an order enquiry when an order has been placed including all of the details. You can also access all of your order details when you log into your PBP Maker portal and select the ‘orders’ tab.

Step 1: Buyer discovers you (maker) on the PBP wholesale marketplace and places a draft wholesale order. If the maker is open to customization, notes may be included with any requests from the buyer. The buyer can also see if the maker accepts sample orders.

Step 2: Maker approves the order details, provides any customization offer and costs and provides an estimated shipping cost.

Step 3: Buyer approves the order and shipping cost and the order is now final.

Once the order is final the maker decides if an advance is necessary. We encourage buyers to cover the 5% guarantee pay fee. If buyers agree to cover this cost this will be communicated at the time of finalizing the order.

Step 4: Once the order is completed the maker ships the order (adding shipping information to the maker portal). PBP invoices the buyer at this time the final shipping cost and tracking number is provided.

Step 5: Buyer receives the order.

Step 6: Buyer pays net 60 days after the date of shipment. Once the buyer pays, the maker gets paid excluding any advance the maker may have received. We will charge the buyer for the cost of shipment and reimburse the maker.

If you opted for a cash advance you will be paid the remaining amount no later than 60 days after shipment. We will manage collections.

PBP does not offer returns on finalized orders and only offers refunds under certain limited circumstances as described below.

  1. Shipping damage
  2. Significant delays
  3. Insufficient quality and missing items

In cases where full refunds are issued, rejected products can be shipped to a US address provided by PBP and may be resold.