Little Ndaba
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About Little Ndaba

Little Ndaba is a distinguished brand known for its exceptional designs and creations of knitted and crochet stuffed animals, all crafted with love from cotton. These adorable pieces serve a dual purpose, playing a vital role in providing a sustainable source of income for women residing in rural and semi-rural communities. Additionally, they serve as powerful advocates, raising awareness and generating funds for conservation and environmental causes.

Currently, Little Ndaba sources its cotton from neighboring Tanzania, but the brand has ambitious plans for the future. This year, they eagerly anticipate receiving their first batch of Zambian-grown, rain-fed, chemical-free, and hand-spun cotton yarn—a significant milestone in their journey towards sustainability. Their cotton will be cultivated by small-scale farmers in Game Management Areas, not only as a cash crop but also as a natural barrier to protect food crops from elephants.

Beyond cotton, Little Ndaba exhibits their artistic prowess by skillfully repurposing discarded fast fashion and other materials to create stunning giant animal pieces and wrap baskets. The brand collaborates with around 80+ women from various villages in Zambia, empowering them and fostering economic independence.

In their noble quest to preserve wildlife and natural habitats, Little Ndaba has forged a valuable partnership with Game Rangers International, working hand in hand to protect and conserve the environment. Their heartwarming products hold universal appeal, enchanting both children and adults with their charm, creativity, and profound commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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