Yura Beret 

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Look effortlessly chic and discover the warmth of hand-spun alpaca fibers with our new addition to the Yura range. Hand-crocheted from un-dyed, hand-spun, 100% alpaca, this beret is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic.

Textile Tradition: Our Yura collection is special for its use of handspun, undyed, all natural alpaca yarn which we procure from our partner artisans. The alpacas are taken care of by certain community members who shear them in traditional, mindful ways. The next step is to spin the fiber to create smooth and uniform yarn. Using the same technique passed down for generations, the women spin the raw fiber using a wooden drop spindle called a phuska.

Story of the design: This beret has been designed in collaboration with UK based knitwear designer, Suzanna James. This collaboration takes the unique handspun alpaca yarn made by our artisan partners to create special and modern pieces. Suzanna, a textile designer based in South Wales, joined us in Ollantaytambo in 2019 to teach hand crochet and create new designs with our partner cooperatives.

Artisans: We partner with women artisans in the Huilloc community for the handspun yarn. For knitting, we work with approximately 55 women in 3 different cooperatives - Puente Inca, Rumira & Puka Rosas. Some of these women recently took part in our crochet workshops to learn the new technique.

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