20mm Bili Basics 

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20mm Bili Basics is a wider 10mm strap designed to accent the fuller figure in true African style. These pairs can be available in the same colour palette as is available in the 10mm Bili Basics range.

Bili Beadwear handcrafts removable beaded bra straps designed to replace regular bra straps with a colourful and comfortable ‘worn to be seen' alternative. By attaching to a strapless bra, Bili's bra straps represent an innovative fashion accessory, inspired by South African culture to empower the wearer and the crafter alike.

Every bead is picked up twice during the beading process resulting in a product of high quality and reliable strength.

A unit comprises of a pair of elasticised, beaded removable bra straps packaged in an eco-friendly Bili Beadwear branded sleeve.

Strap dimensions:

length (mm)
beaded section: 235 | shortest total length: 340 | max. extension: 405

width (mm) 20
heritage craftHeritage Craft
woman-ledWoman Led