Bili Beadwear
South Africa
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About Bili Beadwear

Bili Beadwear, based in South Africa, holds a deep reverence for the art of craft, recognizing it as one of the purest expressions of culture. They believe that handcrafted items not only connect individuals on a human level but also bridge the gaps between different cultures. In a world often preoccupied and divided by our differences, the unifying power of handcraft must not be overlooked.

At Bili Beadwear, the women artisans work together in creative community, utilizing beadwork as a means to foster unity and solidarity. Drawing inspiration from the Xhosa language, which embodies the belief in a universal bond of sharing, their work encapsulates the concept of "umntu ngumntu ngabantu," meaning "I am because you are." This truth is beautifully crafted into each and every original product they create, as they strive to share this sentiment with the world.

Bili Beadwear's flagship product encompasses a wide variety of "worn to be seen" removable beaded bra straps. These carefully crafted straps offer a colorful and comfortable alternative to regular bra straps, attaching seamlessly to strapless bras. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of South Africa, the straps are adorned with artful beadwork that reflects the diverse and vibrant traditions of the region.

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