Nested Sterling Silver Ring

Zoya Istanbul

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Inspired by the Seljuk Civilization star patterns, the NESTED series were inspired by the wisdom of Seljuks transferred from the past to the present. These designs are a modern interpretation of the geometry used in ancient Anatolian architecture.

The motif, designed with a symbolic approach, describes the stars holding hands, the cultures and communities that are part of the same great system, in short, all of us.

  • Handmade

  • Heritage Craft

  • Woman Led

  • Sustainable

Item quantity:
Category: Jewelry
Origin: Turkey
Composition: 100% Sterling Silver 100% Sterling Silver
Dimensions: Width 2 Centimeter
Ships from: Turkey
Item Sku: J-2206-SS-R-Zoya İstanbul
For the size Step 1: Take a piece of scotch tape or yarn Step 2: Wrap the non sticky part around your finger. Step 3: Make sure that the tape ring can slide along the entire finger and over the knuckle, but ensure that it isn't too loose. Step 4 : Measure it

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