Ninho Sculpture Serie 03 

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The Ninho sculpture is developed with the chordal technique from layers of several clay threads. During his long craft process, lines and curves create formats that emerge from the artist's unconscious and from the experimentation of his creative process. In a moment of great presence and freedom, we have unique pieces with singular shapes that, added to the natural textures of ceramics, compose an object that resonates the force of nature through its biophilic design.



Small - Height: 18 cm

Medium - Height: 22 cm

Large - Height: 26 cm

Giant - Height: 34 cm

Note: Measurements are approximate and may have a margin of error of 1.5 cm.


Clay Colors

- Off White

- Sand

- Black


Tip for Use

Great to use with dry plants or with water for your favorite field flower. The nests are very versatile pieces, they can be used either alone or in sets of different sizes, creating movement in your environment. Great dining table, coffee table, sideboards and outdoor area.


The final sale price was calculated by air transport. And more than one piece per box was considered. Orders with just one piece may increase shipping cost.

Production time varies from 45 to 60 days. This time is variable because it depends on the drying time of the clay.

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