Natural Fiber Backpack

Waraos Amazónicos

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They are handicrafts made with the fiber of the Moricho palm (Mauritia flexuosa), as is the case with many species of Palm trees, it is a tree that forms extensive plant associations on the banks of rivers, called morichales or aguajales, a very thick and nourished vegetation, almost impenetrable; It is a tree due to its size, it grows up to 30 meters high and its crown is made up of many leaves with more than a thousand dark red fruits. Its fiber is used to make hammocks, rugs and basketry.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

Item quantity:
Category: Bags
Origin: Colombia
Composition: moriche palm 100%
Dimensions: Tall 30 Centilitre x width 30 Centilitre x strip 100 Centilitre
Ships from: Colombia
Item Sku: MOCHILAMORICHE-Waraos Amazónicos

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