Muku Baby - Booties 

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Introducing our classic Muku Booties for a snug and cozy fit. Pair it with Muku Mittens for a timeless, adorable look for your little one. Hand-knit with a blend of 100% baby alpaca and pima cotton. Recommended for baby sizes 0-6 and 6-12 months.

Textile Tradition: Our baby collection, Muku, is entirely hand knit using baby alpaca and pima cotton. The term ‘Baby Alpaca' refers to the grading of the fineness of the fiber. It's the softest part of an adult Alpaca (usually the chest), not the age of the animal. Alpacas are native to the Andean mountains, raised in high altitude, cold climates, making them and their fibre truly special. Baby alpaca is the perfect fibre for new born babies as it is 100% hypoallergenic and it is soft as cashmere, light and breathable. It is also a biodegradable fibre that is renewable, and best of all, baby alpaca is naturally water resistant. Your little one deserves the very best.

Artisans: For knitting, we work with approximately 55 women in 3 different cooperatives - Puente Inca, Rumira & Puka Rosas. Awamaki works on a rotation system to distribute orders and production, this ensures that income is equally distributed amongst the artisans.

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