Mawuyu Salad Bowl 

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The Mawuyu salad bowl is a wider vessel, making it ideal for salads and other bulkier foods. It is a medium sized bowl, with a unique, organic form. While working well as part of a set, this salad bowl is very much as stand-out piece, which would work well as part of a set of two salad bowls.

Mimicking the round, bulbous form of the baobab fruit, the Mawuyu bowls take on the form of the velvety husk of the fruit, having been cracked open to reveal its powdery, “miracle” fruit. The baobab tree and its fruit are ubiquitous in the rural African countryside from where we come from, and formed the inspiration for the Mawuyu bowls.

Although Mawuyu bowls have rounded forms, we paid mind to the fact that the pieces need to also be functional, and have designed each with a generous flat base, which ensures that they sit flat on the table.

All our bowls are hand-crafted, made using the finest casting slips, and fired high to ensure a strong, chip resistant end product. Our bowls are lovingly finished by hand by our talented team of makers in our Johannesburg atelier.All our raw materials and glazes food-safe and mined and produced locally.

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