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South Africa
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About Rutendo Collective

Rutendo Collective was founded in late 2019 - the fulfilment of a lifelong dream of Designer, Rutendo Zambuko, to design quality homeware accessories, inspired by and handmade in Africa. Having spent much of her career in Graphic design, Rutendo sought an avenue of self expression that allowed her to make physical products, that celebrated her heritage as an African woman.

Our modern stoneware pieces are one-of-a-kind designs, which both compliment and add interest to any home or table setting. Our serve ware collection is a play on the organic forms we find on the African Savanna; from the bulbous baobab with its velvety fruit, to the naturally occurring calabashes traditionally used to carry water.

Rutendo Collective was founded with the ethos that, by hand-making beautiful products locally, we can impact the lives of the people in our communities through up skilling and long-term employment. We choose to make all our ceramics products in our own studio, where we can control the quality of our output, rather than outsourcing production. Because all our products are individually hand crafted, every piece is unique, and no two products are exactly alike.

We choose to use sustainably sourced materials, opting for locally occurring, quality materials, which can be sourced within a 100km radius. All our ceramic pieces are handmade in Johannesburg, in our studio and affiliate ateliers.

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South Africa
Bowls, Pitchers + Carafes, Serving Bowls + Baskets, Trays + Platters + Stands
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