Hoop Cup

Al Centro Ceramica,


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Handcrafted short cup made with high temperature ceramic and local clay. Glazed only in the inside, the final earth tones and textures are the result of the different combination of clays exposed to the heat of the fire.

You can make a mix selection of cups (other models) to reach this quantity. 

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

Looking for something special? This item may offer select customization options. Select what you are interested in and we will let you know what is possible. Customization is at Maker’s discretion.

Item quantity:

Category: Table

Origin: Mexico

Composition: High temperature ceramic and local terracotta clay

Dimensions: 3.14"D

Ships from: Mexico

Item Sku: Hoop_Dark Terracotta

No bleach rnPreferably Handwash rnAvoid contact with greasy substances

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