Hansa Plaid Fine Merino Wool Throw Blanket 

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Beautifully crafted and ethically hand-loomed by traditional woman artisans from the Himalayan belt. This medium-weight throw can be draped over your bed and also used to cozy up on the couch on cold winter nights while watching a movie or reading a book. Perfect for porches, picnics, sitting around the firepit, or star-gazing. Our throws are made from merino wool and angora wool all-natural dyed. Any slight imperfection is an individual expression of that artisan. In remote villages tucked into the Himalayan mountain belt of North India, Maati Collective members, a self-help group, are revitalizing woolen crafts by combining traditional techniques and natural materials with modern designs. Through this regeneration of knitting and weaving practices, over 100 women artisans improve their lives and strengthen local communities.

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