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About TerraKlay

TerraKlay is based in Chicago, but its impact stretches across all of India. Founder Manvee Vaid partners with women artisans throughout the subcontinent, importing an array of their works to the US. “When I started TerraKlay in 2016, I just wanted to bring some great designs and craft traditions to a wider audience,” says Vaid. “I was clear that the artisans needed to be a part of the story and to be seen. I decided to name our products after each woman artisan who crafts them…this gives them a seat at the table to be partners.” TerraKlay’s partnerships are many. More than 50 women artisans in the Himalayan northern belt of India knit the best quality merino-wool products, which are naturally dyed in small batches, ensuring sustainability and supporting TerraKlay’s no-waste philosophy. In the Western Ghats of South India, differently-abled individuals are trained to make TerraKlay’s shibori napkins and table runners. A non-profit organization in South India crafts ropes from the dry bark of the banana trees. Local artisan women then crochet this natural resource to make TerraKlay’s iconic banana-fiber baskets. These are just some of the artisanal-made goods that TerraKlay brings stateside, as it expands its reach throughout India.

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Trays + Platters + Stands, Throws, Tea Towels + Pot Holders, Table Runners, Storage Baskets, Rings, Placemats + Chargers, Mugs + Cups, Dinnerware Sets, Coasters, Bath Towels, Area Rugs, Aprons
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