Gela Seashell Chain Necklace

Linya Jewellery

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Gela Seashell Chain Necklace The most popular symbol of recent years is the mussel necklace. If you are looking for a stylish and elegant accessory that will accentuate your style, our new collection is for you. We carefully produce handmade pearl necklaces, each more stylish than the other, that suit your taste and style. All of our products are handmade in our own workshop without sacrificing quality. Gela Seashell Chain Necklace Features: 925 Sterling silver 22K Gold plated Necklace Color: Gold Approximate Silver Weight: 13.23 grams. Half of the necklace is box chain and the other half is pearl chain. Made of natural barley pearls. Detailed with T closure closure lock. It is 55 cm long. Sold individually. Avoid contact with strong chemicals such as detergents, perfumes, lotions and creams, bleach etc. 

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Category: Jewelry
Origin: Turkey
Ships from: Turkey
Item Sku: Gela Seashell Chain Necklace

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