Geetha Tie-dye Cotton Naturally Dyed Napkins (set Of 4) 

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We know who we'll be dressing up your dinner table and all your meals - these gorgeous hand dyed napkins. To get this traditional yet contemporary pattern a centuries-old Japanese technique called shibori is used. Each piece of fabric is folded, twisted, and tied before being dipped in dye. Each napkin is individually hand-dyed and unique. Mix and match any of the shades together, even in unexpected combinations.

Dye patterns and shade will vary with each piece.

Set of 4.

Size 20" x 20"

In a world where we continuously talk about empowering women and preserving our planet, this napkin is doing all the right things. TerraKaly is collaborating with a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the rehabilitation & generation of sustainable livelihoods for the differently-abled young adults in the rural plantation community of south India. 100% hand dyeing techniques are utilized with natural ingredients making the whole process environment friendly.

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