Decorative Laces - set of 2


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Are usually used to decorate vases, bottles, lamps, curtains, etc.

  • We use national raw materials
  • Threads free of aromatic amine content AZO
  • Handled with care


100% cotton thread


100% rayon thread


  • The tone of the natural color of the threads may have little variations.
  • By being handmade, measurements may vary.
  • Order confirmation subject to material availability.
Item quantity:
Category: Objects
Origin: Guatemala
19-005-Alisa-BLACK & WHITE-Alisa 80% Cotton, 20% Rayon
19-005-Alisa-CHERRY-Alisa 80% Cotton, 20% Rayon
19-005-Alisa-CREAM-Alisa 80% Cotton, 20% Rayon
19-005-Alisa-GOLD-Alisa 80% Cotton, 20% Rayon
19-005-Alisa-GRAY-Alisa 80% Cotton, 20% Rayon
19-005-Alisa-SKY-Alisa 80% Cotton, 20% Rayon

19-005-Alisa-BLACK & WHITE-Alisa Width 1.2 Inch x Height 31.5 Inch
19-005-Alisa-CHERRY-Alisa Width 1.2 Inch x Height 31.5 Inch
19-005-Alisa-CREAM-Alisa Width 1.2 Inch x Height 31.5 Inch
19-005-Alisa-GOLD-Alisa Width 1.2 Inch x Height 31.5 Inch
19-005-Alisa-GRAY-Alisa Width 1.2 Inch x Height 31.5 Inch
19-005-Alisa-SKY-Alisa Width 1.2 Inch x Height 31.5 Inch

Ships from: Guatemala
Item Sku: 19-005-Alisa-GRAY-Alisa

Take off the tassel cover, and put the accessory on a door handle, jar, bottle, lamp, on the wall or on the table.

Dry cleaning. Being 100% cotton they may shrink slightly. If this is the case, you can stretch it to recover the length a bit.

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