Circle Palm and Barkcloth Pillow, No. 5

Mekeka Designs,


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Our two sided pillow brings together plaited palm, natural barkcloth, and handwoven cotton. Our Biri Biri plaited palm is hand made by Florence Nakachwa and her team in Bisanje, Uganda. The name comes from the over two (biri) under two (biri) twill structure that is used to create the plaited surface. Each piece is made by hand - from drying and stripping the Enkindukindu palm to plaited the thin strips together. The palm has a natural waxy layer that gives a slight sheen to the surface of the textile. The natural barkcloth from the Mutuba tree is made by 9th generation makers from Bukomansimbi, Uganda. With their co-op BOFTA, these experts can trace each piece of barkcloth to the farmer, processor, and soon, to each tree. Please note, each pillow will vary slightly in the tone and saturation of the rust colored bark.The reverse of this pillow is handwoven, 100% Ugandan cotton grown and processed at Fine Spinners Uganda Ltd. It is beautifully woven on countermarch floor looms by Grace Kirabo’s team at TEXDA. Each textile features a side zipper and is crafted entirely by hand from materials from nature. Slight variations in tone, surface, and structure are to be expected. Goods vary in design 5 -7%. (Pillow form not included)

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • Innovation

Item quantity:

Category: Pillows

Origin: Uganda

Composition: Natural barkcloth, plaited palm leaf, handwoven 100% Ugandan cotton

Dimensions: 15" x 20"

Ships from: Uganda

Spot clean with water only

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