Chikari Stoneware Bowl 

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Our Chikari bowls are inspired by the traditional cooking pots of Southern Africa, which were used for cooking, serving food and brewing beer. The traditional cooking pots, traditionally black and burnished, were handmade by women in the village, and were a key utensil in the traditional African kitchen, prized for their versatility of form and use.

Like these traditional cooking pots, the Chikari range features a sgraffito pattern inspired by the vibrant patterns from the tribes of Southern Africa. These bowls' rounded forms make them a sturdy choice for serving salads or piling up with snacks. They also makes a beautiful functional and decorative piece, which can feature as a centre piece on a table.

The Chikari bowls are finished to retain the smooth, matt texture of the fired clay, and glazed on the inside of the bowl, making them suitable for multiple uses, including for wet foods.

Made using the slip casting method of production, the Chikari bowls are individually hand finished by our talented artisans in our Johannesburg studio. We use the finest, chip-resistant casting slips, to ensure that our product is durable, and suitable for frequent use. All glazes are food-safe. All our bowls are hand-crafted, made using the finest casting slips, and fired high to ensure a strong, chip resistant end product. Our bowls are lovingly finished by hand by our talented team of makers in our Johannesburg atelier.All our raw materials and glazes food-safe and mined and produced locally.

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