Afrika Platter 

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Reminiscent of the shape of the continent of Africa, the Afrika range of platters is sure to make a statement at any table setting. Afrika platters work well as individual pieces, as well as in combination with the other sizes in this range to create a set of three. The smooth finish and organic form give the platters a modern aesthetic, which make them a perfect addition to the entertainer's table. The seamless, organic shape of the platter is replicated across the three sizes, ranging from a generous 50cm to the smallest 30cm platter. The seamless shape of the platter allow it to compliment other pieces on your table setting, making a subtle statement piece for the table.

An ideal statement piece for hors d'oeuvreservings and entertaining, the smooth finish and organic form give these platters a modern aesthetic, which make it a perfect addition to an entertainer's table.

The Afrika platter is a sturdy piece, and its organic shape is supported by a foot rim, which gives each piece stability and structure. As with all of our pieces, the design of this platter was inspired by the continent in which we live in, the organic shapes and textures we see around us. The Afrika platter is the ultimate expression of our heritage. Sold as an individual piece or part of a set.

Made from locally mined clays, and fired high to 1250∞C, the Afrika platter is a sturdy piece, that is able to withstand regular use. All our glazes are food-grade, and can be customised to suit specific colour preferences. Our ceramics are lovingly hand built in our Johannesburg atelier, with each piece being assembled individually by our team of talented crafters.

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