Meet our Makers

Value Proposition

Can running a brand be an engine for social change?

For so many of the Indian makers in our community, the proposition of doing good fuels their drive to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind products. Whether that means providing training and financial independence for women artisans, or helping reduce environmental waste, they demonstrate that effecting positive change is good for business.

"When I started TerraKlay, I just wanted to bring craft traditions to a wider audience,” says Manvee Vaid. “I was clear that the artisans needed to be a part of the story. I decided to name our products after each woman artisan who crafts them…this gives them a seat at the table to be partners."

At SilaiWali is a social enterprise in New Delhi, which up-cycles waste fabric generated from apparel scraps to create adorable, handcrafted dolls by Afghan woman refugees in India.

Sonica Sarna creates its trademark indigo products through an extensive organic and sustainable textile mill network, 40-plus artisan community partners, and a sewing center for at-risk women in New Delhi. Sonica even offers ethical design masterclasses for interested entrepreneurs.

A community-based organization working in the Central Himalayas for a quarter century, Avani Earthcraft creates hand-spun and naturally dyed textiles through six decentralized community centers, headed by local women and men trained at Avani.

Mother-daughter duo Minakshi and Aishwarya Jhawar launched Ekatra to ensure that its female artisans gain new skills and financial independence, while creating beautiful, hand-crafted journals and stationery.

Leera Crafts not only makes beautiful, hand-dyed fabrics, it quite literally stands for something: Livelihood Empowerment and Encouragement of Rural Artisans, which speaks to its missionof providing space and inspiration for local artisans to cultivate confidence and independence.