Meet our Makers

On the Block

Block printing makes an indelible mark with India’s textiles and homewares

Dating back thousands of years, wood-block printing in India is a technique that reaches across categories. You’ll find it applied to everything from kaftans and throws to wrapping paper and pillows. The technique itself remains constant. Thick blocks of wood (at least 3 or so inches, so they don’t warp) are carved with intricate patterns. Each block receives only one color, so as to not muddy its imprint. The result is as beautiful as it is timeless.

Recycled paper products, natural fiber textiles and sustainable craft projects—all benefit from hand-block printing at Craft Boat.

At Auruhfy, its bold, cheerful prints enliven all things comfortable, from pillows to bean bags to slippers.

Shaivyya’s cotton-silk wraps are so intricately, and colorfully printed, they border on psychedelic.

By block printing patterns lightly, Kar Conscious Living creates pieces with a rustic, vintage vibe.

Using hand block-printing onto handwoven fabrics, Rias Jaipur’s scarf is an amalgamation of ancient printing and weaving techniques of Rajasthan.