Vintage Kantha Quilts 

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A versatile work of art, Vintage Indian Saris take on a second life as they are hand-stitched together to create beautiful texture and pattern in the form of our Kantha Throws. Crafted into something new and more beautiful than before, each piece is completely one-of-a-kind. These multi-functional pieces bring unmistakable character into your home and make for a unique blanket to use at the beach! Drape one over your sofa, table or add a pop of color to the foot of your bed. These Kantha quilts makes a wonderful gift for weddings, Christmas, birthdays etc.


Size: 55X85 Inch (139 X 216 CM)

Fabric: Cotton Vintage Fabric

Colors: Beautiful assorted colors will be sent.

Why should you buy these instead of others?

= No patches, stains & holes

= All edges are finished with interlocking stitching called X stitching

= Bright colors, variety in colors and patterns

= Fresh true handmade

= True to sizing

= You are supporting local artisans by buying these quilts

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