Trashy Bank

Renzo Boggio Studio

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Tired of not making it to end of month?

Do you feel like you are throwing your money away?

Do you work 80 hours a week to spend your salary on unimportant things?

Trashy Bank is the solution for those who are used to throwing their money in the trash!

The Trashy Bank by NonSense Project is a scale reproduction of the typical garbage cans that are around the city of Lima. This object is born from the interest in decontextualizing an everyday and often repudiated object, to turn it into an object of desire. It is a critical message, which involves a normally sensitive subject: one's own money.

Item quantity:
Category: Objects
Origin: Peru
Composition: 50% concrete, 50% ceramics
Ships from: Peru
Item Sku: RBS001-Renzo Boggio Studio

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