Shroom Rolling Papers 

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Some day in the not-so-distant future, you'll be a bit older. A bit wiser. The font on your iphone will be four sizes bigger and your waistband might sit a few inches wider. But thankfully, that day is not today. So be silly. Smoke these goofy rolling papers. Tell Darius this is your last job! Reiterate that you mean it! Sneak into a bank under an assumed identity! Keep your cool when it all goes wrong! Cradle your lover's head as he bleeds out on the pavement behind a Wells Fargo. Hand over the cash to your double-crossing getaway driver. Promise to avenge Darius if it's the last thing you do. Live a little you silly goose!

Important Details:

12 printed rolling papers and 12 tips

100 percent organic vegetable based ink

Organic / vegan arabic gum adhesive strip

Organic rice paper

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