Shadow Pillow, No.1 

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This plain weave based plaited design in Shadow pattern is created from the exact placement of dyed palm in a sequence of double layered woven palm strips. What is remarkable about this design is the innate knowledge that Florence Nakachwa and her team have to create an overall pattern of shapes through the unique process of joining plaited strips. Each weaver plaits meters and meters of palm in a long strip that is 2.5 inches wide. This narrow piece is invisibly stitched together to form a tube, all along the way the weavers carefully line up the patterns. Once the tube reaches about 2 meters long, it is slit up the side revealing the textile and pattern. The reverse of this pillow is handwoven, 100% Ugandan cotton grown and processed at Fine Spinners Uganda Ltd. It is beautifully woven on countermarch floor looms by Grace Kirabo's team at TEXDA. Each textile features a side zipper and is crafted entirely by hand from materials from nature. Slight variations in tone, surface, and structure are to be expected. Goods vary in design 5 -7%. (Pillow form not included)

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