Plant Dyed Wild Silk Wall Hanging - Color Field - Natural Rosy Brown 

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This lustrousnaturally dyed wall hangingwillwarm your heart and serve as an artistic backdrop for your home.Itis hand-crafted from Ceranchia wild silk, a species of silk only found in Madagascar.The silk cocoons are sustainably harvested, ironed flat, and sewn together.Then they are naturally dyedusinglocal plantsfrom our artisans' dye plant garden.The earthy rose brown color is complemented by a gradient of shimmery linen-colored wild silk, which is the silk's undyed natural color.

  • 100% naturally dyedCeranchia Dense cocoon silk
  • Handmade from start to finish in Madagascar
  • Offered in two sizes: 30""x60"" or 1x3 meters (39""x118"")
  • Slight variations in size and color due to the handcrafted process
  • Eco-friendly and Fair Trade Certified

These art pieces were sustainably sourced and made in Madagascar by SEPALIM, a poverty alleviation NGO in northeastern Madagascar that invests in local leadership, community ownership and linking these partners to global markets.100% of the profits from Tanana Silk are returned to our team in Madagascar.

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