Our Earth Bracelet - Men


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A set of four bracelets inspired by the earth and handmade by women of rural areas in Guatemala. It includes four different bracelets; two of them with a slide closure whereas the other ones have a button closure. As a reminder that the earth takes care of us and we are meant to do the same way, the set invites us to celebrate and honor the Earth. Since every product is handcrafted, the bracelets may vary slightly which makes them all unique in its own way.

Item quantity:
Category: Jewelry
Origin: Guatemala
Composition: 60% waxed polyester thread, 30% beads, 10% zinc alloy metal clasps
Dimensions: circumference 7 Inch
Ships from: Guatemala
Item Sku: WA0875-WAKAMI Kiej de los Bosques SA

This product may contain: Synthetic thread, glass beads, metal beads, metal clasps & leather. Keep away from cosmetics, soaps, solvents and excess moisture. 

Handmade in Guatemala.

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