Oaxaca Rug 

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Bring a cozy and warm element to your interior.The heather Oaxaca rug in 100% wool will help you find modern luxury with Mexican inspiration.

The Oaxaca rug is flat-woven in Mexico, on a traditional pedal loom. Handmade by a family ofartisansfrom Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. Our craftsman works with his family and community.

Our studio collaborated with the artisans to develop a new motif, inspired by the famous diamonds or "eyes of God", used in the local culture for generations.Our design mixes traditional techniques and modern graphics.

This heavy wool with a soft hand is tinted using 100% ecological natural dyeing techniques. The pigments are derived from plants, tree bark, or even local insects.

The cozy rug will decorate your living room or bedroom with a bohemian style. Available in our light palettes:OchreorBeige, from standard Sformat toXL format or made-to-order.


  • Handwoven on a shuttle loom in Mexico

  • Family workshop


  • 100 %virgin sheep wool

  • Plant-based dyes

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