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Taking into consideration the millenary shape of the traditional Mexican mocajete, we decided to shrink it to its mini version, allowing it to blend into new contexts within your tableware.

With the help of the pestle it's the perfect item for sea salt, whole pepper, chilli or any other condiment you may have at home.

Looking for something special? This item may offer select customization options. Select what you are interested in and we will let you know what is possible. Customization is at Maker’s discretion.

Item quantity:
Category: Kitchen
Origin: Mexico
Composition: 100% Volcanic stone
Dimensions: Diameter 6.3 Centimeter x Height 4.3 Centimeter
Ships from: Mexico
Item Sku: Mini


  • Wash with soap and a brush.
  • Due to its natural finishes, the stone might acquire a darker color when exposed to oils or certain foods. 
  • The product must be cured if it will be in contact with food. This to seal the largest pores in the stone

Step 1: Clean Your Molcajete. Wash your Molcajete (mortar) with a stiff kitchen brush and water to remove any remaining stone dust and let it dry.

Step 2: Pulverize Half the Rice. ...

Step 3: Pulverize the Salt. ...

Step 4: Pulverize the Remaining Rice. ...

Step 5: Give the Molcajete a Final Rinse.

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