Madagascar Silk Moth Ornament - Tan 

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This exquisite handmade silk moth ornament depicts the Antherina suraka moth, which is a wild silk species in Madagascarwhose cocoons we use in our products.Our farmers use a unique sustainable harvesting technique when collecting wild silk cocoons so as not to diminish thelocal silk population.In fact, every purchasepromotes conservation efforts for this endemic species.

This ornamentis a perfect holiday decoration, but can also be used as a ready-to-hangminiature artwork.It comes in a lovely kraft box for easy gifting, and includes a tagtelling the story of the silk.

  • Measures 6‚Äùx5‚Äù
  • Made with cultivated mulberry silk cocoons
  • Handmade from start to finish in Madagascar
  • Slight variations in size and color due to the handcrafted process
  • Eco-friendly and Fair Trade Certified
  • This product includes one tan-colored silk moth ornament.

Thiswork of art is sustainably sourced and completely handmade by our artisan group SEPALIM, a poverty alleviationorganization in northeastern Madagascar.SEPALIM invests in local leadership and community led initiatives, and works to link artisans and farmers to global markets.100% of the profits from Tanana Silk are returned to our team in Madagascar.

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