Kantha Wheels 

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Wheel motifs cushion, hand embroidered on handwoven Kala cotton fabric using different forms of Kantha stitch. These motifs were made in the early 20th century on a vintage heirloom quilt stitched by women for domestic use.

Fabric: Handwoven Kala Cotton (It is purely a rain fed crop, indigenous to Kutch, Gujarat and organic by nature. No pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are used to grow this crop)

Hand Embroidery: Crafted by women run organisation in a small village in Bihar. Kantha is a form of embroidery practised by rural women originated in the state of West Bengal and Bihar, India. Kantha comprises the simplest stitch in the language of embroidery – the running stitch.

Pattern, Stitching and Packaging: Our workshop in Delhi with a small team of pattern master, tailors and two women for quality check, hailing from different parts of the city.

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