Vatsa Hand Embroidered Cushion Cover 

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Traditional Kantha embroidered cushion cover is made with thousands of small running stitch in different forms to represent an artisan's village life. The motifs are selected by the creator and are inspired and drawn from objects she sees in her everyday life. From sun to cloud motifs which symbolise the forces of life, to other patterns like that of sacred animals that resonate with fertility and abundance, this traditional craft is made by hand by village women during the day after completing the domestic chores.

Fabric: Cotton Camric

Hand Embroidery: Crafted by women run organisation in a small village in Bihar. Kantha is a form of embroidery practised by rural women originated in the state of West Bengal and Bihar, India. Kantha comprises the simplest stitch in the language of embroidery – the running stitch.

Pattern, Stitching and Packaging: Our workshop in Delhi with a small team of pattern master, tailors and two women for quality check, hailing from different parts of the city.

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