Earth Bracelet- Brown


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A set of four handmade bracelets for men. Each one has a different design and colour and is handcrafted by women in rural areas of Guatemala. To be able to adjust the bracelets to any size, each bracelet comes with a different clasp. One of them has a slide closure, the other one a button closure whereas the other two bracelets have a hook closure. Each one of the bracelets represents a part of The Story of The Earth. How the Earth was created and how everything was connected by love. Hence, this set is worn as a symbol of the connection between humanity and our planet Earth. Each one unique in its way.

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Category: Jewelry
Origin: Guatemala
Composition: 30% waxed polyester thread, 40% leather strap, 20% beads, 10% zinc alloy metal charms and clasps
Ships from: Guatemala
Item Sku: WA0605-70-WAKAMI Kiej de los Bosques SA

This product may contain: Synthetic thread, glass beads, metal beads, metal clasps & leather. Keep away from cosmetics, soaps, solvents and excess moisture. 

Handmade in Guatemala.

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