Custom Scented White Concrete Vessel (no Labels) 

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Choose from the selection of fragrances and add your own labels.

All candles are made from natural blended soy/coconut wax and all fragrances are phthalates free.

We use wooden wicks for a modern look.

The jars are handmade with cement.

8oz - 40hrs of burn time.

 *The concrete vessel and lid were poured by hand. A natural sealant has been applied inside the container to allow the use of the candle. Due to the fact that the containers are handmade, there may be some air bubbles, which is common and does not affect the quality of this product.

The candles will come with safety labels already labeled at the bottom of the jars.

** Make sure to provide your customers with your own general candle care cards to ensure a safe use of the product**

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