Bulk Palo Santo Incense Sticks 1/2 Lb Bag 

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Sustainably-sourced & ethically wildcrafted Palo Santo sticks now available in bulk! Palo Santo is typically used in aromatherapy, meditation, energetic purification of space (a.k.a. smudging) + did you know Palo Santo is a natural and an effective repellent for mosquitoes? Enjoy the calming sensation as the smoke fills and purifies the environment. As you watch the smoke ascend, some believe your wishes and intentions will rise and mingle into the universe - connecting heaven, earth, and humanity into one. Each 1/2 lb bag contains approx. 40-45 Palo Santo sticks. Sticks approx. 4 inches x 0.5 inches in size. **All of our Bursera graveolens products are cut from the heartwood of naturally fallen trees & produced in strict accordance with governmental guidelines regulating the collection, processing, & global distribution of Palo Santo. We support responsible, regenerative sourcing practices, & contribute to active reforestation efforts to ensure a long-term supply.

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