Bolero Hat


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BOLERO is a handcrafted piece in the classic shape of the Cordobes in Ivory tone, with a slightly curled brim and details to be appreciated by yourself. 

 - Natural cotton brown band wrapped around the crown.

 - Beautiful pheasant feather hand stitched on the band.

 - Natural goat leather sweatband.

* This hat comes with a personalized cotton Tote Bag so you can deliver it to your clients. 

Item quantity:
Category: Accessories
Origin: Mexico
Composition: 85% Bolivian Wool, 10% Goat leather, 3% Cotton, 2% Pheasant feather
Ships from: Mexico
Item Sku: PK-0002-POOK Hats-BUSKIN-S - 56 CM.-POOK Hats

- Remove surface dirt/dust from the hat by brushing loose dust off with a light-colored brush then using a clean, damp cloth and gently rubbing counter-clockwise towards back.

- Never handle your hat by the crown, always by the brim.

- The hat is resistant to light rain but when wet it can cause stains.

- Rest your hat on its brim on a flat, clean surface to prevent the brim from distorting or flattening or hang it on a rack.

- Never leave your hat in a vehicle as it can overheat and cause the hat to dry, shrink, and lose durability. Do not leave your hat in a confined space exposed to heat and humidity, this prevents shrinkage and distortion of shape and color.

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