Meet our Makers

One-Woman Show

How do you go from graduating college one day to launching a successful ceramics studio on your balcony the next? Ask Wyeth Milne.

As Wyeth Milne tells it, she learned her craft the same way most folks of her generation do—by watching YouTube. Well, she at least learned enough to get her on her way. After embracing ceramics in high school, she formally studied pottery at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, which she graduated in 2020. Instilled with DIY ethos, she moved to San Diego and started making ceramics on her three foot–wide balcony. (Turns out San Diego’s weather lends itself to an open-air workplace.) And with that, Whimsy by Wyeth was born, a collection of artful homewares that makes you rethink how beautiful a simple bowl or coffee cup can be.

Milne's goal is to create homewares that bring people joy. As she explains, "I strive for people to contemplate whether or not they wish to display my tableware or eat from them. Ultimately, I hope they choose to do both."

Whimsy by Wyeth straddles the line between art and craft, decorative and functional.

Most WxW pieces are made to order, so expect a 2-to-5–week window when selecting pieces.

Milne uses a high-quality stoneware clay that mimics porcelain.

While all pieces are as close to identical as possible, because they are all crafted by hand, they have slight variations in size, glazing (i.e. drips, speckles, color gradients) etc. As Milne likes to say, "All are imperfectly perfect."