Meet our Makers

Mothers of Reinvention

In India, artisans have always transformed discarded fabrics and waste into the latest thing

Long before recycling became the norm, and upcycling became in vogue, India practiced all manner of turning old to new. Kantha, its age-old technique of restitching fabrics into original pieces, inspired an upcycling movement in the fashion world. And India’s homewares industry continues to find ways to reinvent what came before. Here are just a few examples.

Sirohi fuses bold design and bright colors with upcycled textile waste, discarded plastic and old cloth rags to create furniture, boxes and trunks that fit in any modern home.

Upcycled leather finds new life as chic earrings, bracelets and chokers, thanks to Noupelle.

Upcylced fabric, in a range of colors, sheathes Lukka Chuppi's adjustable clutches.

Hand knitted, hand quilted or hand knotted, all of Karaak Decor’s pieces are crafted from upcycled fabrics, yarn or garments.

In this era of fast fashion, Thousand Folds is moving toward becoming a zero-waste brand. It makes timeless products and recycles a majority of its waste.