Meet our Makers



Handmade products that lean into the future.

A s a country rich in heritage crafts, India continues to find ways to merge the old and new. To innovate, while paying respects to what came before. To celebrate natural resources and artisanal techniques, while forging new ground.

Soft Serve crafts ergonomically-minded tableware from super strong stoneware clay that is microwave, oven and freezer safe. And it comes in really cool colors.

Studio Indigene reimagines what light sources can be, blending hand-crafted wood bases with a keen, bright sense of design.

The Bamboo Butterfly Chair helped Mianzi realize the potential of locally- and ethically-harvested bamboo as a material for the future—strong, flexible, elegant, and good for the environment.

Handmade cork products that are sustainable, lightweight and water resistant—that is the hallmark of design-centric Keep it Functional.

Ruggism teams with artists and designers to reimagine what a hand-woven, all-natural rug can be.