Keep cash flowing with PBP FlexPay

Apply for $1500 credit and
net 60 day terms with PBP FlexPay™

With our Net60 Terms, your payment is due 60 days from the
date your order is shipped — allowing you to sell before you pay.

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PBP FlexPay™

Pay it forward with Socially Responsible Pay.

Support Socially Responsible Pay by adding 5% to
your order, enabling makers to access a cash advance
to start production at no additional fee.

Buyer Payment Terms

Credit Account: Apply for FlexPay and receive a credit of $1500 that is payable 60 days after shipment confirmation. Any amount over that will be due upon order confirmation.

Payment on shipment: If you are not eligible for a credit account, or have fully extended your credit account limit, you must select “Pay Now” upon order confirmation.

Payments will be paid automatically from the default payment method at 60 days from shipment, if not paid before. To update your default payment go to your My Account page.

Business License (EIN or equivalent)
US-based Reseller ID

$0. No monthly fee. Bank transaction fees may apply.

How to qualify for a higher limit?
We are glad you asked! Reach out to us at