Meet our Makers

Beauty from Sand

Indian maker Manifest Design reaches into the past for a singular modern vision

Run by the sister and brother team of Manreet and Samraat Deol, Manifest Design is an artisanal Indian brand that crafts one-of-a-kind jewelry, using an age-old technique call sandcasting. It’s a time-consuming process in which the craftsmen painstakingly shape a new sand mold for each and every piece. The result is jewelry that borders on sculpture, so alluring that institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto stock their work.

Is it art or is it jewelry? Manifest Design would say it’s both.

Each design begins as a clay sculpture that is then reproduced in various metals, using the ancient sandcasting technique.

The soul of its pieces is inherently Indian, yet the amorphous forms defy one’s conventional understanding of Indian design.

The finished products might look fluid, but the tools to make them are hard and heavy.

Manreet Deol founded Manfiest Design after an extensive career in New York and New Delhi, designing for several luxury tabletop companies.