Wild Paisley Studio
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About Wild Paisley Studio

Wild Paisley Studio blossoms from a deep-seated love and passion for the artistry of handmade textiles and ceramics. Drawing from a wealth of experience in building categories and brands within Indian E-commerce, the founder has traversed the globe, establishing sourcing ecosystems in various countries. Through these journeys, a realization struck: the Indian market is ready for brands that not only produce within the country but also embody a global aesthetic. This epiphany laid the foundation for the creation of Wild Paisley Studio.

The studio's overarching goal is to collaborate with Indian artisans who not only design and produce within the country but also cater to a global audience. This vision is brought to life through close partnerships with these artisans and collaborators, working hand in hand to establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Quality Checks, Packaging, and commercial know-how.

Remarkably, 90% of Wild Paisley Studio's suppliers are businesses led by women. Recognizing the importance of empowerment, the studio is actively in the process of onboarding designers exclusively from women self-help groups and artisan groups. This initiative aims to ensure fair wages and the creation of high-quality artisanal products, further cementing Wild Paisley Studio's commitment to both craftsmanship and ethical practices..

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Throws, Quilts + Bedspreads, Placemats + Chargers, Pillowcases, Kids + Baby Sleeping + Bathing
Yes. Contact us at info@poweredbypeople.com for custom requests.
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