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About Uniqka

Uniqka stands as a distinguished design brand, renowned for its emphasis on craft and material. The core focus lies in the exceptional versatility and elegance of leather. Their ultimate goal is to bring forth timeless objects, blending functionality with beauty. With an unwavering commitment to refinement, craftsmanship, durability, and respect, Uniqka approaches design and production with a profound understanding of the human scale, both physically and emotionally.

In their creative process, the team at Uniqka strives to evoke positive emotions while fulfilling the diverse needs of their discerning clientele. They hold leather in high regard as an organic and authentic material, exuding the innate beauty of nature. Its value lies in its preciousness, representing one of history's earliest examples of upcycling. Notably, Uniqka exclusively utilizes cattle leather, a by-product of the food industry, aligning their vision with eco-conscious practices.

To minimize their carbon footprint, Uniqka maintains close collaborations with local suppliers and sources leather only from selected partners known for their traceability and sustainable practices. Waste is a concept foreign to Uniqka, as they diligently preserve even the smallest leather scraps, ingeniously incorporating them into the design of new products—a testament to their resourcefulness and dedication.

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Vases, Trays + Platters + Stands, Storage Baskets, Notebooks + Journals, Jewelry Boxes
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