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About TULY

Immersed in the harmonies of nature, the vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures, and fueled by the unwavering belief in the empowerment of women, Yeimy Muñoz stands as the visionary founder of TULY, hailing proudly from Guatemala. A mother of three, she carries within her a lifelong passion for fashion and a profound vision of creating meaningful job opportunities for Guatemalan women.

Muñoz brings to TULY a rich professional journey, spanning over two decades in a multinational company. In her role as Sustainability Ambassador and Manager of Strategies across various supply chains, she lived and breathed the culture of "sustainability and direct impact on society," an ethos that became an indelible part of her DNA.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Muñoz made the decision to launch a social impact project with a singular focus on empowering women. Her aim was to shine a spotlight on, offer opportunities to, and amplify the voices of women residing in the heart of the republic. This initiative sought to integrate their talents into a range of products crafted from natural fibers.

Muñoz's love affair with these noble materials blossomed during her travels to Europe and the United States, where she marveled at the consciousness of these markets and the exquisite sensation that natural fibers impart in a unique atmosphere. The name TULY is a beautiful fusion of "TUL" for "tule," the inaugural fiber she experimented with to craft a home article, and the "Y" in Yeimy's name. It is not merely a name; it encapsulates its essence — a connector and unifier. TULY, in its very nature, binds the lives of many women with a shared purpose.

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