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About Touchiere

Touchiere upholds a belief in quality driven by purpose. Their priority lies in their people. The company sources 100% cotton sustainably from the small villages of Turkey, where giving back holds paramount importance for their inhabitants. Every towel is handcrafted using high-grade cotton threads harvested from the fertile fields of the Aegean and Black Sea regions. Each set of hands that contributes to its creation imparts a unique narrative.

The entire process of crafting these towels conveys a message of warmth, excellence, and affection. This is because every villager involved in the towel-making process is dedicated to the mission of producing top-tier, minimalistic, and purpose-driven towels which only grow softer with each wash. It is not only the artistry of handcrafting but also the embrace of simplicity in a chaotic world that transports them back to the serene villages of Turkey where their towels originate.

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