The Rogerie
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About The Rogerie

Our company was started in 2019 by my husband and I as a local crafters market booth one month after our wedding. We had just moved into our first home together and, after unpacking our wedding gifts, were shocked by how much plastic packaging was left over. We knew it was unlikely to get recycled, even if we put it in the blue bin, and we'd been looking for a way to be more impactful with our time and energy. So we took a planter design that we had 3D-printed as favors at our wedding and started making them out of recycled plastic for sale at the crafters market. We quickly realized how much people actually care about this issue and spent the next three years building our company, developing other household products, and finding better and better ways to clean up plastic waste by creating everyday products from recycled material.

Our products aren't meant to just look good; they are designed from the ground up to make a real impact on plastic pollution. We manually gather plastic from our local landfill and nearby scrap yards, sort it, and wash it. We shred it ourselves, color it ourselves, and produce our own plastic "filaments" for our 3D-printers or pellets for injection molding. We use no overseas shipping (for things like imported materials), we offer a 1-year warranty, and we'll recycle any product sent back to us.

Ships from:
Wine Glasses, Bath Accessories, Coasters, Coffee + Tea Accessories, Flatware, Kitchen + Food Storage, Mugs + Cups, Soap + Bodywash
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